Design Is a Job - Mike Monteiro

Design Is a Job

By Mike Monteiro

  • Release Date: 2012-04-10
  • Genre: Internet
Score: 4.5
From 135 Ratings


Co-founder of Mule Design and raconteur Mike Monteiro wants to help you do your job better. From contracts to selling design, from working with clients to working with each other, this brief book is packed with knowledge you can’t afford not to know.

"This book will teach you how to be part of a service industry without becoming a servant." —ERIK SPIEKERMANN

"Running a design shop is hard. When someone actually gets one off the ground, they’ve got something rare and valuable, so they keep their strategies and practices secret. What makes this book so unique is that it plainly and honestly describes how a successful design shop actually works." —JOHN GRUBER, Daring Fireball

"‘Design Is a Job’ is so good it made me want to cry. I am absolutely using it as a textbook in my class this year." —KAREN MCGRANE, Managing Partner, Bond Art + Science


  • Wonderful. Buy it. Read it. Then read it again.

    By ceisenbraun
    This is one of those books you buy copies of for the people you care about.
  • Very basic

    By Maria1977
    I thought this book was aimed at designers with some experience and ready to start their own business, but found it very, very basic--more appropriate for those fresh out of school. For much more thorough business-side advice, check out, among others, Cameron Foote's books.
  • Applicable to instructional designers

    By vsip1
    This book was quick and informative. Almost all of it is applicable to my field " instructional design" . My favorite part of the book was the part about the difference between being nice and being enjoyable to work with. I also found the section on feedback really helpful.
  • Excellent Book

    By LasOlasBlvd
    This should be mandatory reading for every designer. Great real world guidelines and observations. A quick read as well. Recommend this to all designers new and old.
  • Awesome.

    By SlaunchaMan
    Anyone who works with clients in any industry needs to read this book. Now.
  • A book for more than those running design shops

    By awhite77
    There are great lessons in this book regardless of if you run a design firm or not. Good advice is good advice. Mike injects great humor with examples. Design is hard work, make it a little easier on yourself a read this book.
  • Bam!

    By S. Briscoe
    After reading this book, I feel like I've just had a very valuable business lunch with the author. Maybe better, because I am forced to listen instead of doing my share of the talking. This book is not about the design process, but rather the business of design. If you are working in the design industry, you've undoubtedly realized that communication with clients far out weighs how good any actual design output might be. This book provides solid advice and encouragement - along with a swift boot to the rear - on getting your communication skills on par with your design skills. And, it does so with surprising humor and very frank, no BS language. Definitely recommended.
  • @MikeFTW

    By beedee031
    What a great book on managing, designing and playing well with others.. This book is awesomesauce!
  • Highly recommended

    By Jesse Atkinson
    Highly recommended reading for anyone that works in client services. As a front-end web dev who works with designers I still found the advice in this book incredibly applicable to my role. This book isn't about life hacks, tips, or tricks. It's about being an incredible communicator, taking responsibility, and being an adult. I am thinking of buying this for everyone in my office.